Saint-Raymond museum Scenography – 2nd floor

In 2016, Emilie Cazin guided Saint-Raymond Museum, Ancient History Museum of Toulouse, for the 2nd floor renovation by creating a scenography that enhances the architectural and daily heritage of Toulouse, from the Gallic creation of Tôlossa to its Roman evolution in Tolosa.
In order to offer the visitor this perception of the construction of Toulouse, Emilie Cazin sets up a path immersing us in the Gallic Vieille-Toulouse, and the legend of the Golds of Toulouse, to gradually migrate towards a Toulouse becoming Roman in a wider region: La Narbonnaise.
To meet the museum’s desire to welcome a variety of visitors, it has combined heritage and innovation in the service of a pedagogy accompanying the visitor.
In order to offer varied visitors a clear vision of this dense history of the city of Toulouse, she decides to dramatize key scenes such as the genealogical tree of the Béziers dynasty or the crossing bridge of Saint-Rustice mosaics.
She collaborated on this project with Ima Solutions for the 3D digitization of sculptures and coins in order to offer the visitor facsimiles for manipulation.
The route immerses the visitor as if he discovered the city and its uses at these different times. To discover at 1Ter place St Sernin, 31000 Toulouse / France