Product and Furniture Design

Object and furniture design is for me a way of linking craftsmanship and design around ancestral skills. These two areas, long considered to be split, are actually complementary. By uniting them, the qualitative work of the material is done with emotion between tradition and innovation.

Montessori Tower

– L’Indiscret –

Door panel

– Pyrène collection –

Desk accessories

– Pyrène collection –


– Reine-Mère Edition –


vase, landscape for table

Botanical identification bracelet

Mousepad made of wool fabric from Pyrenean mountains

Chesnut chair

Carafe made of red clay

Desk for Pierre Yovanovitch

Set of wall shelves

Pull toys

– Pyrène Collection –


Coffee table, bench and storage

“Riding” Collection 

Indoor seat

stake for young tree

Urban seat – perch

Torch light

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