“Riding” collection

Parts of the « Riding » collection, the bench «Riding» and the coffee table «Riding» deal with the anatomic assemblies. It’s a combination of elastic straps and leather as lock of the oakwood structure. It pass through the object to be integrated as a part of the whole.
The storage «Riding» can be used on the floor, on a desk or on a shelf. The two ceramic parts are similar and be used against each other or in a opposite way to create a different object.
The external part is a contrast between an enameled smooth shell and a mat oiled leather, breathing. A combination of hard and supple materials.

Oak, leather and straps
Bench: L.100 x W.25 x H.38 cm
Coffee Table: L.100 x W.55 x H.38 cm
Storage: shiny white enamelled ceramic, leather and straps
W25 x L25 x H 22.3cm

Design : Emilie Cazin
Copyright photography : Singularité

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