Product and furniture Design

Object and furniture design is a way for me to connect the world of crafts with design around ancestral and qualitative knowledges, working the material with emotion between tradition and innovation.

Space, Exhibition Design and scenography

Space design is an immersive design pushing the user in the center of the conception process, in a temporality. The scale allows a reflection on the project in its globalityarchitecture, furniture, objects and, depending on the context, graphics and signage. A way of conceiving the design and user experience in its entirety (Wandering, ways of living, visitors journey ). Space design integrates scenography and museography.

Graphic Design

Graphic design thought for companies, museums, institutions … serves an overall coherent communication. By a corporate identitya poster campaign, logo, visual graphism, signage … the graphic design highlights a message, a brand image consistent with the identity of the company or the space where it takes place.

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