Saint-Raymond museum Scenography

Emilie Cazin answered the call for project launched by the Musée Saint-Raymond, Toulouse Ancient History museum to renovate the first floor. In 2015, she has conceived a scenography valuing the heritage of Chiragan discovered during excavations in 1844 in the region of Martres-Tolosane.
To highlight this heritage, Emilie Cazin thinks the first floor of the museum as a journey plunging us into that time. From the gallery of portraits to Hercule through the mythological statuary, the villa of Chiragan structures itself and History appears throughout the visit.
To meet the desire of the museum to host a variety of audiences, she was able to combine heritage and innovation for a pedagogy serving the visitor.
She collaborates on this project with Ima solutions for 3D scanning of sculptures and Tataragne Interactive for an interactive application. A showcase of
numismatic relates the history of money and the relation with the busts of the gallery. The course involves visitors in an immersive dynamic museum combining technological devices and scientific contents.
Through this scenography, Emilie Cazin puts his kwnowledges in the service of his region and its heritage.